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Focus Photoeditor - Testimonials

David Hansen

I use adobe and have a LOT of plug-ins that I have paid for as well as some free ones.
For the price of Focus you can't beat it. I've paid Triple the price for a single noise plug-in.
What I really like about the program is it's fast and - even using my plug-ins - Focus will "Fix"
the photos better, not only that but its corrections are quick and it has one of the best exposure settings I have ever seen, and I have checked out a lot.
The last and one of the best things is the STELLER response from the help team on getting Focus to run as advertised. This is the best service that I have run into and I must say I'm impressed just on that fact only.

Thank You for making such a wonderful program.


I am impressed with the work you have done in  Focus Photoeditor. As much as I dislike the over-complicated photoshop and its price I like your program much more..


I downloaded both Focus and Smart Import. Thank you! they're both very nice programs, my husband bought them for me, they were a Christmas present. And thank you again for your help. Sincerely Penny


Hi look this is a fantastic program now that i have fully got around to use it it walks all over anything else i have used it has everything it is magic! well especially for me because of all you can do!!  Mike


Thank you very much for addressing these issues in the recent update.
For quick fixes when quality is not of the highest priority it
helps very much. Great support!

Thank you again :)

Tim Russel

I am a registered user of Focus. I must tell your program is amazing and I haven't found any software even close as good.


Thank heavens the Quick Fix Wizard and Clarify are so good; they are great for a beginner who doesn't understand the heavy-duty parts.


I love your product.  It has been fantastic to work with. Best regards, Chris

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