Too many options isn't good sometimes

  • Regardless the software
    Too much selection is a bad thing

    Regardless of what type of software you’re looking for, you know fully well that too much selection is a bad thing. I know that sounds crazy because most people would prefer to have a lot of product options to choose from. Thinking that way is one thing; actually having to go through many different options in a very limited amount of time is another experience altogether.

  • Make No Mistake
    Not much time, patience and motivation

    Make no mistake about it. Most people simply do not have the time, patience and motivation to pick through each and every product benefit, software features, as well as a tremendous amount of reviews. As much as possible, people would rather get a clear idea of what a particular software package is and what it isn’t. They want to zero in in as little time as possible what a particular software product does and what it doesn’t do.

  • Finding the right information
    They scan through it

    Finally, most consumers would want software options presented in a very easy to understand way as they read through each and every software review. In fact, most of them scan through it. They want to pick up the right information to enable them to make a truly informed decision. On top of all of this, they want to be able to achieve this in as little time as possible. Not surprisingly, most software review sites out there have fallen far short.

This website simply is a response to the extreme and, shall we say, desperate state of software review sites. High-quality sites defined by the concerns raised above simply don’t exist. This website, to put it simply, is a product of desperation. It’s not because we thought we had the best thing in mind. It’s not like we decided to put this up from the get-go. Instead, this website is a passion project because we cannot, for the life of us, find the information that we’re looking for. We had to wade through all sorts of hard to understand, geeky, hyper scientific and jargon-filled reviews only to come up with very little to show for all our time, effort and energy. That got old really quickly.

After a couple of searches, we finally decided to give up and focus on what we knew. We knew how to look for software. We knew what we wanted. We knew what the right type of software package looks like and what it should talk about. Armed with this information, we have put together this software review and profile site that cuts out all the fluff.

Make no mistake about it. A lot of software companies would like to baffle you with all sorts of high-sounding terms and confusing jargon. I don’t know about you but the last time I checked, that stuff doesn’t solve your problems. You’re looking to get from point A to point B in as quickly as possible. You do not have the time to get into the guts of software engineering and the differences in software design philosophy. In fact, if you are the typical consumer, you couldn’t care less about any of that stuff.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of software reviews out there are written with the assumption that people care about that stuff. So, what did we do? We cut straight to the chase. We cut out all the fat, we scraped away all the muscle, we rearranged everything and everything is cut to the bone. If you are looking to solve a problem, you will find it here. You will not only find the different software options available that handle that problem, you are also able to understand how they go about doing that. Most importantly, you have a clear idea of how these different solutions size up to each other.

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How WE Differ

How we differ from other app review sites

  • Price

    Unlike other websites, we don’t just jump in to the price. I’m telling you, the price is the most deceptive part of any software review. It’s very easy to assume or read into the price all sorts of values that may not be there. In fact, we put price at the bottom and instead, we focus on a product’s ability and fitness in solving a particular problem. That’s the bottom line.

  • Branding

    If you’re completely honest with yourself and you do not have any blinders on and you are completely desensitized from all the branding you’ve been subjected to, you know that this is the right approach. It’s all about clearly identifying your problem and picking through the many different products that claim to solve that problem.

  • Product Shortage

    Make no mistake about it. There is no shortage of products out there that talk a good game. We’ve been through that before. We have been in your shoes and we are sick and tired of the games. All the hype disgusts us. We are nauseated by the inflated claims. So, we have put together to cut through the fluff, get under the exaggerations, and expose the real value, assuming that there is value in the product in the first place.

Get it all Right Here

The good news is, just as sunlight sanitizes all sorts of dirty deals by exposing them to public scrutiny, we do the same with software.

  • We don’t hide anything. If there is a particular limitation or shortfall or even flat-out design defect, you will know right here.

  • You have come to the right place. If you are sick and tired of all the games and if you are disgusted by the tremendous amount of conflict of interest most typical online consumer review sites suffer from.

  • The moment you see an affiliate link is the moment you know you are being lied to.

  • The interest of the people who run that review site run 180 degrees contrary to yours.

  • Their interest is all about making a lot of money off you. Your interest, on the other hand, is all about solving a problem.

  • Do you see the problem here? Do you see the bad fit between their motivations and your motivations?

Why Choose Us?

If you are not careful about this then even the most objective-looking software review site is going to pull a fast one on you. You’re going to get ripped off time and time again

  • We got sick and tired of all of that. All those shenanigans disgust us.

  • This is why you get software reviews here that profile certain specific solutions and line them up with each other which are written in plain English.

  • This is not a website for nerds designed by nerds and intended for nerds. Instead, it’s intended for the rest of us.

  • All of us have better things to do with our time.

  • Accordingly, we love it when you jump into our website, quickly find the comparison you’re looking for, get to the guts of the problem, and walk away with an actionable solution.

  • Nothing could make us happier if you do that and we have tried really hard and spent a tremendous amount of time, effort and money putting together a website that ensures that you’re able to get that experience.

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