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I am impressed with the work you have done in  Focus Photoeditor.

I found your Smart Photo Import v.1.9.4 and decided to try it simply because of the description. I LOVE it! It does exactly what I need.

Our Reviews / Awards

Image Editor

New Version 7!

The easiest to use yet the most powerful photo correcting tool, with a plethora of professional options to make your pictures look just the way you want.

With Focus Photoeditor you do not have to guess any more in your photo correction approach. Just use its automatic fixes and have your photos transformed into gems of color and brightness.

Or control manually the edits with many professional tools: Focus Photoeditor uses fine-tuned and preserving algorithms, to recover brilliancy out of even the worst digital picture.

The very gem of Focus Photoeditor, is the "Quick-Fix" algorithm. It allows anyone to correct their photos with a single click. But our image editor is much more than just fixing and correcting photos, it has any tool you may need for general editing, it includes also layers and a huge selection of filters and selection modes, and can be expanded with many photoshop compatible plugins.

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Media Importer

Smart Photo Import is a Valuable Companion in sorting your digital photos.

Taking Digital Pictures means photographers need better organized Digital Archives.

As a picture importing tool Smart Import will help you spending the least amount of time while importing your shots from your camera.

Move and Copy photos and videos from any device (flash  memory cards etc..) to your computer, rename and organize them in folders, quickly and in the most comfortable and intuitive way. Add your custom file formats for maximum flexibility.

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Since the first digital camera arrived on the market, we at NeWest Software have been in love with digital photography!

We have 15 more years of experience in the field of developing graphics and image processing applications for both home and professional use.

I hope you will find our software useful as I and many others do every day.
We never rest with the aim to create the right tool for the hardest task. 

Francesco Savastano
Lead Software Engineer (and Digital Photographer)- NeWest Software

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